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Teach smarter, not harder: Let the AI do the heavy lifting. Discover the time-saving Redmenta AI assessment creator and the incredibly entertaining AI chat functions for an effortless teaching experience.
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There is no skill development without coaching

Grades or percentage scores serve great for statistics, but they are not enough when it comes to skill development. Motivate your students with stickers and animated gifs, and give detailed feedback with comments, so they will understand how to avoid the same mistakes over and over.

Mrs. Teacher

No, that is not true! But don’t give up! You are getting better day-by-day!



Kornélia Marinecz

I've used it for several years now together with my students, it's always getting better and better. It makes both practice an exams more fun, and less stressful. We all love it!

Tamás Tauber

Redmenta is extremly useful in education of the XI century, and the constructiveness and helpful proximity of its developers to users is extraordinary.

Tamás Szolnoky

Simple but highly useable application for evaluation and self checking. You can use it on PC or any kind of mobile device.

Integration with the best learning management systems

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