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Welcome to the worksheet creator platform that integrates challenges of creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills into your daily assignments and assessments.

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Câte ore sunt necesare pentru a corecta toate foile de lucru dacă un cadru didactic are 3 clase de 20 de persoane, fiecare elev scrie 15 lucrări într-un semestru și durează 3 minute pentru a corecta fiecare lucrare? Ei bine, în jur de

Mrs. Teacher
No, that is not true! But don’t give up! You are getting better day-by-day!

There is no skill development without coaching

Grades or percentage scores serve great for statistics, but they are not enough when it comes to skill development. Motivate your students with stickers and animated gifs, and give detailed feedback with comments, so they will understand how to avoid the same mistakes over and over.

Is it a quiz?
Is it a test? No!
It is the
You might think an Amazing Worksheet is a sort of quiz or test. The format is similar, but it can be used for various purposes. It develops higher-cognitive skills and gives you tools for coaching! Digital Worksheets are great for school projects too!
Integration with the best learning management systems
Worksheet Card Worksheet Card
Worksheet Card Worksheet Card
Worksheet Card Worksheet Card

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